Wifi credentials for all known AP are stored in

/userdata/system-data/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/* (all known SSID names)

SMS sent/receive

$ sqlite3 .local/share/history-service/history.sqlite
sqlite> delete from text_events ;
sqlite> vacuum ;

the above only deletes the text, but not the numbers; you must issue as well:

sqlite> delete from threads ;
sqlite> vacuum ;

Numbers dialed / called from

$ sqlite3 .local/share/history-service/history.sqlite
sqlite> delete from voice_events ;
sqlite> vacuum ;

Contact data

The are stored in the file ~phablet/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db and one can wipe ALL out with:

$ syncevolution --delete-items backend=evolution-contacts --luids '*'

Dekko MUA config and logs:

$ rm ~/.config/dekko.dekkoproject/dekko.dekkoproject.conf


$ rm ~/.cache/upstart/application-click-dekko.dekkoproject_dekko_*

Last updated: Sat Oct 17 16:11:03 CEST 2015