The MailUserAgent (MUA) Dekko

I figured out that the signature string (and other values) are stored in a file ~/.config/dekko.dekkoproject/dekko.dekkoproject.conf, for example the signature like this:
identities\1\signature=Sent from my Ubuntu phone\n
while one can insert \n for line breaks, if the string is longer no signature is attached to the mail; maybe just a small bug in the expected length of the string... It is a good idea to make backups of this file from time to time. If one is deleting mail via IMAP, these must be expunched by hand. Go to the lists of mailboxes of the account, slide left and click + symbol. Dekko's log files are in
$ find ~/.cache/dekko.dekkoproject/dekko.dekkoproject
To view PDF attachments install the "document viewer" app.
To remove the flag "deleted" from a mail again (before having expunched it), pick up the mail in the deleted tab of the INBOX, bring the mail in question in view and press the symbol of "waste basket" again (yes, this symbol you normaly use for deleting a mail :-) ) See also:
There is (in r26) another bug which prevents the creation of new SMTP-accounts in Dekko. I wanted to clone an existing SMTP-account and justed wanted to change the IMAP-user and the Description (name) of the mailbox in Dekko. I modified the following files:
I copied an existing block from:
identities\1\[email protected]
identities\1\realName=Matthias Apitz
... Apitz
identities\1\[email protected]
and ajusted the data
I inserted a new reference line into the list off accounts:
There is an additional file for the configuration of any mailbox, and one must copy the entrie as well there:
"9f0373f2-8182-4679-852e-000000000000": {
"global": {
"archive": {
"enabled": false,
"folder": "",
"format": "monthly",
"keepMboxStructure": false
"saveToImap": true
"trashMailbox": ""
And, last but not least, kill Dekko before and make a backup of the files!
If you want to move your Dekko configuration to another device, it's enough to copy over these two files:
The addressbook of Dekko is stored in a small MySQL database:
$ sqlite3 ~/.local/share/dekko.dekkoproject/addressbook.sqlite
sqlite> .tables
contact email version
sqlite> .schema contact
CREATE TABLE contact (id TEXT PRIMARY KEY, firstName TEXT, lastName TEXT, organization TEXT, starred INTEGER, lastContactTime TEXT);
sqlite> .schema email
CREATE TABLE email (id TEXT, email TEXT);
sqlite> .schema version
CREATE TABLE version ( version INTEGER );
sqlite> select * from contact ;
bf1da0f02c0d2d13dc802b379532c41845938d81|Ubuntu Phone||||
sqlite> select * from email ;
bf1da0f02c0d2d13dc802b379532c41845938d81|[email protected]
639831a2831c4baae8c07334c86f7dd538a1ce00|[email protected]
26764a4d6de612a7417af4921eaf5eb501d7ba9b|[email protected]
bf2b040ba257c77c7c678e4a93daf194350aebad|[email protected]
sqlite> select * from version ;
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